Malcolm Turnbull’s Net Approval Rating Hits A Whopping Zero In New Poll

As the world teeters on the verge of a new era in global politics dominated by hard-right figures like Donald Trump and – very possibly – Marine Le Pen, things aren’t going so well for establishment figures in Australia either.

Malcolm Turnbull, who has seen incredible success during his tenure as Prime Minister in being bullied mercilessly by his backbench and repeatedly failing to pass legislation, is shockingly not doing so well with the electorate. 
The latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll shows that the Coalition is lagging behind Labor 49-51, and Turnbull himself is sitting at a net approval rating of zero. That means that an equal number of people approve and disapprove of the job he’s doing.
This comes as Tony Abbott heightens his attacks from the backbench, using an appearance on Sky News to more or less demand that he be given a ministry – perhaps a demand that Turnbull can no longer ignore.
Much like the rest of the world, Australia seems to be losing even more faith in the traditional two-party system. The poll puts a massive 34 percent of voters choosing to go for someone other than the Coalition or Labor – with the main beneficiaries being the Greens and One Nation. The highest that’s ever been before this poll was 27 percent.
As Peter Hartcher writes over at the Sydney Morning Herald, Fairfax-Ipsos tends to slightly overpoll in favour of the Greens – so their increased result as compared to election day could be an aberration. But regardless, it shows two important things: people aren’t keen on Malcolm Turnbull, and its the minor parties who are picking up votes.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald.
Photo: Getty Images.