Messy Bitch Malcolm Turnbull Is Liking Shady Tweets About The NSW Government’s Koala Chaos

As the NSW Liberal/National coalition government disintegrates before our very eyes, one noted Sydneysider and former Liberal Prime Minister – Malcolm Turnbull – is being a messy bitch online.

While Deputy Premier John Barilaro plots his defection to the crossbench and Premier Gladys Berejiklian issues last minute ultimatums to keep the ship afloat, there sits Malcolm Turnbull, sassily liking shady tweets from the comfort of his Point Piper mansion.

Although he hasn’t said anything official, it’s pretty clear (and unsurprising) whose side he’s on. What is kind of surprising the fact he’s almost cheering on the collapse of the governing coalition.

You can see for yourself here, with updates coming through in real-time. Let’s take a look at some of the best posts the man has liked so far, shall we?

In among the likes are a handful of hot takes which seem to very much favour Berejiklian and the NSW Liberals over Barilaro and the Nationals.

And what shady like spree doesn’t include a cheeky pun or two for good measure?

So if anyone was wondering what one of the most senior Liberals in NSW thought about the state government’s koala crisis, look no further.

Whether or not he actually gives a fuck about koala conversation is another question. A cursory recollection of his Prime Ministership would suggest it’s not one of his top priorities, that’s for sure.