Police Had To Warn ‘MAFS’ Bride Amanda Not To Stage A 5G Coronavirus Conspiracy Protest

MAFS star Amanda Micallef had police show up at her door after she posted on Facebook about staging a 5G conspiracy protest with “hundreds” of people.

Micallef said her now-deleted Facebook post in a group called “Stop5G Victoria” was reported to Victoria Police, who then issued her a warning at her doorstep because public gatherings of more than two people have been banned.

“They had to threaten me not to run a protest,” she told PEDESTRIAN.TV

“I acted out of frustration. That post was purely to spark attention, and it got lots of traction, and then we drove traffic into the private groups away from Facebook.

“For me it was kind of good in a way because I thought ‘good, I do have a lot of influence’ and if I’m smart about it, I can get the message across.”

Victoria is currently under Stage 3 lockdown restrictions, which bans people leaving the house for all non-essential purposes. People in public are also required to stay 1.5 metres apart from one another as part of social distancing purposes.

A spokesperson for Victoria Police was unable to comment on individual cases, but said “while Victoria Police respects the public’s right to protest, these are extraordinary times and the health and safety of every Victorian needs to be our number one priority at this time.”

Micallef said she was particularly frustrated at the strict lockdown rules after being unable to hold a proper funeral for her grandfather, who died this week

“My father can’t bury him properly. Ten people at a funeral is disgusting, it’s a sad time to die,” she said.

“These are raw and real emotions from someone who’s actually been affected by this on a personal level.”

As a personal trainer, Micallef has also lost her main source of income due to gyms closing around the country.

While lockdown restrictions may be annoying and have impacted people’s jobs, they’re a necessary measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the conspiracy theory linking 5G networks to the coronavirus pandemic has been widely slammed by scientists.

Micallef, who has no scientific background, claims “more research needs to be done” to prove 5G is safe, despite all relevant authorities saying it is.

“God bless Trump because I think he knows what’s really happening. I think eventually he’s going to try and expose what’s really happening,” she said.

“I’m watching all these conspiracy videos about the link between 5G and the virus basically being a distraction.”

Although 5G waves do travel at a much higher frequency than those of 4G and 3G mobile networks, they are still well-within the safe range for human exposure. In fact, 5G waves actually penetrate the the human body less than previous technologies due to the decreased wavelength.

There is no peer-reviewed research to support a link between 5G networks and the coronavirus.

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency has also said that “there is no established evidence that low level radio wave exposure from 5G and other wireless telecommunications can affect the immune system or cause any other long term or short term health effects.”

Celebrities have come under fire in recent weeks for using their massive influence to push the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory.

Micallef agrees her large platform comes with immense responsibility.

“99% of my followers are incredible – they buy into virtually everything I say,” she said.

“So I have to be careful about what I say.”

As the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory gains traction in Australia, experts worry it could distract from efforts to stay at home and flatten the curve.

“The present epidemic is caused by a virus that is passed from one infected person to another. We know this is true,” Adam Finn, professor of paediatrics at the University of Bristol told the BBC.

“Viruses and electromagnetic waves that make mobile phones and internet connections work are different things. As different as chalk and cheese.”

During a global pandemic, some things are best left to the experts.