Ludicrous Dickheads Papped Trying To Surf Brissy Bus Straight Into A Tunnel

Two teens have been caught on camera trying to surf on a Brissy bus that was heading straight for a tunnel in Lutwyche.  
The footage, found by Channel 7, shows the pair on top of the bus, before they jump back onto the roof of a shelter when spotted. All the while, passengers who wanted to travel the normal way – on the inside of the bus – run to tell the driver why he can hear weird noises above him. 
To get onto the bus, the rapscallions jumped the walkway fence onto the top of the shelter, then leapt onto the bus itself. I guess they would then crouch down and hope for the best. There’s nothin’ really up there to hold onto. 
One passenger reckons the teens had GoPros, masks and gloves. 
TransLink, who coordinate bus, ferry and rail services in Queensland, did not know about the threat to public safety from renegade bus surfers until they saw the video. Their head honcho, Matt Longland was perturbed:
This footage is really disturbing. This is just crazy. It’s not something we’ve seen before on the busway network and I’m certain that we don’t want to see it again.”
Between 2009 and 2016, there were four people killed and six people seriously injured on Queensland trains because of incidents described as “railway network security” – these include trespassing, train surfing and crossing the tracks. 
Last year, a man with a stubbie in his hand was photographed surfing on the back of a Hobart bus. 
The cops are currently investigating the alleged bus surfers, who could be fined and have to face court. Jesus. 

Source & Photo: Yahoo7.