If you are a person who comes home from work or heads to work before 6.30am on Brissy‘s bus network on a weekday, next week is not your week.
Or if you are a person who gets turnt and tries to stumble on home from the other side of town on a Tuesday night, next week is also not your week. 
Or if you are a person whose gym or yoga studio or wholesome Wednesday morning recreational activity is only a bus ride away, next week is also not your week.

Because ~drum roll~ buses wont be running between 4.30am and 6.30am on Tuesday and Wednesday. Nope, just none. 
No buses at all is definitely worse than infrequent buses, or when a series of totally packed buses drive by you, or when you’re 20 metres from the stop just as your bus arrives, but no one stalls the driver. 
Brisbane’s council bus drivers will be on strike during those two-hour periods over shift-work requirements and health and safety provisions, as they try to hash out a new enterprise agreement.
According to the Rail Tram and Bus Union, workers voted overwhelmingly in favour of protected industrial action. 
The industrial action comes in the wake of the gruesome murder of bus driver Manmeet Alisher while he was driving a Brisbane council bus at the end of last year. 
Source: Brisbane Times
Photo: Jonathan Wood / Getty.