Gigantic Slab Of Online Beef Logan Paul Is Maybe A Flat Earther Now

Probably one of the hardest but most important mental exercises you can conduct as a human being is trying to fully comprehend that every single living person — no matter how small or even non-existent their involvement in your life — has a deep inner life, rich with complexity and fraught with anxieties and hopes and issues and plans and memories and fears and loves. I do not believe this to be true about Logan Paul. I cannot. The man is a charismatic fridge with the brain of a child that is perpetually coming up on a powerful sugar high.

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If it were possible to tune into the thoughts of Logan Paul with some sort of magical thought-to-speech device, my belief is that you would hear the distant, uniform static of a radio tuned between stations in an adjacent room. He was disproportionately rewarded at a very young age for being both handsome in a very bad-guy-quarterback-from-an-80s-teen-movie way and more willing than anyone else to do one million dumb things a day on camera and, as a result, now lives the life that a 10-year-old boy would if they were magically transformed into an adult, à la Big.

For Logan Paul, living a life completely free of consequences has, so far, been largely free of consequences. Or it was, right up until the incident in Aokigahara in December of 2017. Then things took a turn for the weird, ultimately taking us to this: Logan Paul making an apparently quite sincere appearance at a flat earth conference.

Paul took to the stage to give a somewhat non-committal address at the second annual Flat Earth Conference, which took place on Thursday and Friday last week in beautiful Denver, Colorado. At the conference, the roughly 650 attendees gathered to discuss various things relating to how the world is shaped like a frisbee and the impact this has on the mechanics of the sun and the moon, which may or may not be real.

Paul makes some great points: it’s been 50 years since we went to the moon (?), no one can explain gravity (they can), and the moon emits its own light (it does not). He concludes simply with this: “I guess I’m not ashamed to say, my name is Logan Paul and I think I’m coming out of the flat earth closet.

It would take a dedicated team of certified Logan Paul experts to figure out whether or not he’s being sincere or if, instead, this is some weird low-energy prank. You can watch his speech below: