Tana Mongeau & Logan Paul Faked A Relationship, So I Guess We’re Supposed To Be Shocked

tana mongeau logan paul

Logan Paul and Tana Mongeau have confirmed that their recent lunch date was all a big hoax to “troll the internet”, so we’ve all well and truly been BAMBOOZLED.

In case you missed it, Tana, who recently fake-married viral YouTuber Jake Paul, recently went on an equally fake date with his brother Logan. And like we all expected, it was all for the views, baby.

When Tana and Jake decided to take a “break” from their five-month long open marriage (not a legal marriage), we all knew something more wild had to be on the cards. Tana and Jake, Jana if you will (*shudders*) are the internet’s viral king and queen. There is simply nothing they wouldn’t do for the views.

Nothing is sacred anymore. Not marriage, not relationships, and sure as hell not coffee dates.

“You and I should get in a fake relationship in front of the paparazzi and troll the entire internet,” Jake’s brother Logan said to Tana in the video.

Personally, I’m not sure anyone was ~trolled~ by these two. I think we’ve all just accepted that viral YouTubers will legitimately do anything for the sake of a couple of million views.

In a recent video entitled Dating My Brother’s Ex-Wife… Logan and Tana let their fans in on the ~expert~ hoax, which was definitely a cry for publicity and not a prank. But hey, if pretending to fuck your ex-sister-in-law pays the bills, who am I to judge?

To make this even more of an expert hoax, Logan admitted that his brother Jake was annoyed at the thought of him getting cozy with his ex-“wife”. Truly shocking scenes here in the world of LA YouTubers. Who’d have thought somebody would get upset if their sibling tried to bump uglies with their ex-spouse? WILD.

After claiming it “triggered” his “PTSD”, Jake said that it “hurts his heart” in an emotional, not-at-all staged car chat.

I imagine this is what it feels like when your family member tells you they’re going on Married At First Sight and you have to act surprised even though there’s a fully fledged camera crew in your living room.

But wait! The hoax got even more wild because towards the end of the video, Jake admitted that he was actually in on the prank all along and it was Logan who had really been swindled.

Just a regular day in the life of the Paul family. Very normal family energy going on here, nothing to be concerned about.

YouTubers, am I right?! They’re JUST like us.