Lettuce Party: A UK Tabloid Proved Lettuce Lasts Longer Than PM Liz Truss & The Memes Are Crisp

daily star lettuce liz truss

A UK tabloid put a head of lettuce on a live stream to see if it would outlast Liz Truss‘ time as British Prime Minister, and well, it did. After 45 days (or 1,080 hours) in the role, Liz Truss has resigned. The lettuce wins, lettuce rejoice!

The lettuce webcam was set up by the Daily Star after The Economist wrote that Truss’ time as PM had “roughly the shelf-life of a lettuce”. A claim like that simply has to be put to the test after all. Turns out it was true.

Once Liz Truss resigned, the Daily Star crowned the lettuce and started to play celebratory music. What an iconic moment in history that will be remembered for decades to come.

Naturally, the sight of lettuce being celebrated for outlasting a Prime Minister inspired folks to take to the internet and create a whole bevy of vegetabatshit memes.

Leaf your seriousness at the door, it’s time to embrace the chaos.

Where would we be without lettuce-inspired humour? Lost and hopeless, I’m afraid.

Personally if I was Miss Truss I would wait until the lettuce had rotted into the ground before retiring. I am not having my legacy be “beaten by a lettuce”. Over my dead body!!!!

If I told you last year that there would be the perfect political opportunity to use a picture of Harry Styles dressed in lettuce couture for a meme, you probably would lock me up for good.

Happy to see this horrid iconic number return to our screens.

Hell, the opportunity for making lettuce jokes was so ripe and juicy that even British stores had to take a bite.

Some of the best memes came from straight facts, though. In the span of about a month, we went from having two Elizabeths running the UK to zero, and that my friends is pure comedy.

Poor Lizzie hit the coffin thinking she’d left the country in reasonable hands.

Now let’s enjoy a lovely salad of non-lettuce memes that also came about after Liz Truss threw in the towel.

It would be wrong to leave RuPaul’s Drag Race UK now exclusively on Stan *wink* out of this yarn.

For your viewing pleasure, Sminty Drop cry-twerking:

Trivia better be afraid of Gen Z. We have lived through some of the most insane historical events that by the time we’re older we are going to now everything via first-hand lived experience.

Pour one out for these authors who genuinely believed Liz Truss would last until December when the book comes out.

Obsessed with the gay interns at Channel 4 deciding to make a Swiftie fancam using Liz Truss footage.

But hey, Midnights is out soon and we will all be streaming.

And lastly, I leave you with memes that suggest an alternate universe where Larry the Cat becomes the next Prime Minister of the UK.

I personally believe he could save the country from the deplorable depths Liz Truss sank it to in record time.

May God save the cat.