Actual Politicians Congratulated The Entirely Wrong Person On Twitter Instead Of The UK’s New PM

Hugh Grant dancing in Love Actually pointing at the camera and Tweet from Twitter user Liz Trussell that reads: "Looking forward to a visit soon! Get the Meatballs ready"

The United Kingdom has a new prime minister called Liz Truss, which means politicians and random people who are obsessed with conservative governments have done the polite thing and congratulated her on Twitter. But unfortunately, they’ve actually been tagging a woman by the name of Liz Trussell who quite frankly, seems absolutely delightful.

You see, the new prime minister tweets as @trussliz and Trussell’s Twitter handle is @liztruss, which IMO makes her the superior Liz Truss.

According to their respective profiles, Trussell joined Twitter in May 2009 while Truss signed up in August 2009, which is why the former managed to snag the good handle. Again: superior Liz Truss.

The Swedish prime minister Magdalena Andersson kicked off the truly awky porky pudding and pie chain of events on Monday when she tweeted a hearty congratulations to who she thought was the UK’s new PM.

“Congratulations to @liztruss, who will assume the role of Prime Minister of Great Britain. Sweden and Great Britain will continue our deep and extensive cooperation. It is important to our citizens, economies and security,” she wrote.

But it wasn’t the Tory leader! She was in fact sending her well wishes to a gorgeous gal rocking a hot pink top accessorised with a bedazzled belt, waving one arm in the air like she was letting out a ‘yuge “WOOHOO!”

The iconic Trussell replied to Andersson in an equally iconic fashion.

“Looking forward to a visit soon! Get the meatballs ready,” she said.

I love her.

Andersson deleted her tweet after she realised her whoopsie doodle, but not before Twitter user @Subcomandante_P screenshotted it first.

Green MP for Brighton Caroline Lucas didn’t go down the congratulatory route and instead tried ripping Truss a new one, but she too tagged the wrong Liz.

She realised her mistake and apologised, although she did concede that Trussell would probably do a better job as PM.

And you know what? She’s so right.

Poor Trussell has been cheerfully replying to every man and his bloody dog who haven’t grasped Twitter’s tagging functionality when I’m sure she has more important things to do. She deserves to rule the United Kingdom.

I’m truly obsessed with Liz Trussell. The whole situation is giving people accidentally tagging the band The Offspring instead of the TV show Offspring on Twitter when Patrick died.

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