This Guy Woke Up To Find Boris Johnson, Known Victorian Ghoul, In A Police Raid On His House

In news I’ve genuinely had to read about four times to make sense of, almost-former-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was videoed participating in a police raid by the person whose house was seemingly being raided. Using his last fews days as PM to do something deeply weird? Incredibly on brand.

In a video posted online, rapper Splinter Sales filmed police in his apartment block.

“Let me put Boris on my phone,” he said in the vid.

“Wagwan Boris?”

Johnson then replied: “How are you doing?” in that truly wild posh man voice of his.

Splinter Sales told The Independent he “thought he was dreaming” when he saw Johnson.

“I was so shocked. I was drunk last night, I woke up to see Boris Johnson in my face,” he said.

He also described himself as being “just so confused” which yeah, you would be.

“I think he was pleased to see me,” he said. Love that confidence TBH.

He said he wasn’t arrested and said he didn’t know “what they were looking for, but nothing happened to me”.

Boris Johnson was apparently part of raids in two South London boroughs. According to Yahoo, drugs, paraphernalia and a phone potentially used in connected with drug orders were found at one address and a man was arrested in connection to a raid at a different address.

“He [Boris] completing side quests,” someone commented on a TikTok upload of the video. It sure seems that way!

But one side note here: it is pretty fucked that some guy can join a police raid for apparent funsies just because he’s the Prime Minister.

ICYMI, Johnson agreed to step down from his position as Prime Minister after a load of his MPs resigned from their government roles and called for him to quit. It’s like if Succession and Game of Thrones had a weird political baby.

He’s still in the role of Prime Minister for a couple of days as ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs Liz Truss battle it out for leadership of the Conservative Party and by extension, the country.

As you might expect they both seem pretty bloody terrible, but please enjoy this absolutely wild video of Liz Truss talking about cheese.

So Boris Johnson’s decided to use his last days in power with a classic blaze of glory of: going into random peoples’ houses with the cops.

Can you imagine the horror of Anthony Albanese rocking up at a high-school party that’s gotten a tiny bit out of hand? A terrifying prospect.

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