Lisa Wilkinson Said Gladys Berejiklian Should ‘Step Aside’ If She Can’t Get NSW’s Cases Down

Lisa Wilkinson Gladys Berejiklian

Lisa Wilkinson absolutely eviscerated NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian on The Project tonight, saying she should “step aside” and let someone else get NSW out of the pandemic.

Earlier today, NSW saw its worst day of the pandemic yet, with a record breaking 681 COVID-19 cases overnight, 511 of which are still under investigation. The state-wide lockdown has also been extended for areas outside of Greater Sydney, which are now under restrictions until August 28th, when stay-at-home orders will be reviewed on a month-by-month basis.

“I think I speak on behalf of just about everybody that is watching these press conferences at 11am every day — they are almost unwatchable,” Lisa Wilkinson said on tonight’s episode of The Project.

“The whole situation is completely farcical. On a day when NSW is recording its highest numbers of the pandemic, another family is grieving a loved one, Gladys Berejiklian makes no new restrictions.

“She’s doing nothing, the soft lockdown continues, and we’re all scratching our heads trying to work out if she’s not going to do anything more — why is she continuing with this same rhetoric?”

With cases still on the rise despite Greater Sydney being under lockdown for eight weeks, Wilkinson said the whole state needs a complete reset before calling for Berejiklian to step aside.

“If Gladys Berejiklian isn’t up to the job, then she needs to step aside,” she said, “because she’s stuffed this.”

Wilkinson then went on to say that part of the problem was that Berejiklian keeps maintaining there is still “light at the end of the tunnel.”

“When you watch these press conferences, journalists are going hard trying to get that granular information that seems to be missing between these really high numbers and her continually saying, as she has said today, ‘There is a light at the end of the tunnel’.”

“That light she can see at the end of the tunnel, we can all see it too — it’s a complete bin fire. And somebody else needs to step in.”


It’s not the first time Wilkinson has voiced her frustration with Berejiklian, who has been calling out the NSW government on Twitter for the handling of the pandemic.

NSW is likely to remain under lockdown until 70% of the state’s population are vaccinated.