Lindsay Lohan Shoots Her Fkn Shot With The Hemsworth Brothers In Cheeky Instagram Comment

lindsay lohan - hemsworth brothers - instagram comment

Liam Hemsworth has been single for all of two seconds and Lindsay Lohan is already praying to hang out with him and brother Chris.

Lindsay, who has been in Australia filming whatever the fuck The Masked Singer is, chucked a sneaky comment on E! News‘ Instagram wondering why the Hemsworth brothers didn’t meet her in “Sydney or Bondi”. Sorry to break it to ya Linds, but Bondi is Sydney. Also, I’m not sure she quite understands that @enews isn’t the Hemsworth brothers’ actual account.

I mean, the Hemsworth brothers should probably take her up on the offer. If you’ve seen Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, you’d know that LiLo sure knows how to party on the beach.

The former child star, who I secretly still adore, hasn’t done much acting in recent years, apart from her reality show and her recent appearance in the 2019 film Among The Shadows. But her latest gig on The Masked Singer has brought her to Australia, where she’ll undoubtedly pick up an Aussie accent, and hopefully a Hemsworth brother.

Chris and Liam haven’t responded to Lindsay’s prayers, but over 250 other commenters have, asking which brother she’d prefer and telling her to “shoot her shot.”

It’s unclear whether Lindsay realises she commented on E! News’ account instead of Chris or Liam’s.

Honestly, I think Lindsay is just living her best life at this point. She’s 33-years-old, she’s made more money than I could ever dream of and partied harder than any of us. The entertainment industry chewed her up and spat her out, and now she just wants to relax.

She cops more shit than most people in the entertainment industry, and it’s really quite unfair. I just want to see Lindsay thrive.

The girl just wants to kick back, marry a Hemsworth and enjoy her life.

Don’t we all Lindsay? Don’t ???? We ???? All ????