Gelatinous Cube In A Suit David Leyonhjelm Is Quitting Federal Politics

In what I imagine will be a crushing disappointment to dozens of people Australia-wide, professional broken clock David Leyonhjelm has announced that he will be quitting federal politics to run in the NSW state election in March.

Speaking on Sky News this afternoon, Leyonhjelm said that he would be resigning on either February 28 or March 1 to run as a Liberal Democrat candidate for the NSW Upper House.

Leyonhjelm, a supposedly anti-authoritarian libertarian who nominally hates cops but will threaten to call them the moment someone confronts him with his own opinions, has been a federal senator since 2013, when he was elected partially because the name and logo of his party confused Liberal voters. He indicated to the Guardian back in October of last year that he was considering making the move to state politics.

Speaking to Sky News, Leyonhjelm said that, so far, his big issues have been ‘nanny state’ ones and he believes that those would be better addressed at a state level.

Leyonhjelm will be running against Mark Latham, who was very briefly a member of the Liberal Democrats, setting the country up for a showdown between two of its biggest, smelliest political turds.