Free Speech Lover David Leyonhjelm Had A Sook Over This Joke On ‘The Chaser’

If you’re not intimately familiar with NSW Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm – and look, you probably are at least somewhat familiar – he’s the rootin’ tootin’, firearm kissin’, free speech lovin’ libertarian in Parliament, who revels in causing offence and saying naughty cusses that politicians should not say.

One of his big free speech defences was going in on behalf of Wicked Campers, those campervans notorious for having weird, sexually aggressive decals all over them. Some might call them misogynist. Not Leyonhjelm though, who thinks anyone who criticises them are ‘wowsers’.
Well, the good folks at The Chaser wanted to see how he’d handle a Wicked Camper where all the aggro sexual slogans were directed at him instead. Short story? Not heaps well.
Interesting that a dude who care so much about the intrusion of the apparatus of state power on speech immediately threatens to call the cops. But that’s none of my business.
Apart from his ignoble ‘fuck off’ in the video, he took to Twitter to have a big ole sook about how the camper vans had ‘frightened’ his wife.

He’s then spent a whole bunch of time retweeting rude comments about the Chaser host’s physical appearance, because that’s essentially the only response he’s capable of. Interesting that his wife would be frightened by that but not this:

But, y’know. Keep fightin’ the good fight, my dude.
The Chaser were a little shocked by his response. We genuinely thought Leyonhjelm would find it funny and maybe even come for a spin with us,” said hosts Kirsten Drysdale and Zoe Norton Lodge

“After all – he’s the one who has said that not finding those slogans funny is ‘particularly wowserish’. At the very least, we thought he’d pretend to be amused. Turns out the Senator’s not quite the chill bro we thought he was.”
Source: The Chaser.