Landlords Are Trying To Hike Rent Up By 60 Per Cent & Their Fall Shall Be Swift And Imminent

landlords rental price increase australia

A landlord in Brisbane reportedly tried to hike up a tenant’s rent by 60 per cent and I think it’s time we bring in the guillotine rent freezes. Get a real job!!! Stay away from us you predatory grubs!!!!!

An anonymous renter in Brissy told The Guardian Australia that he was asked to pay $750 a week per week for his place next year or get the fuck out. For reference, he’s been paying $470 for the exact same place for about a year.

Nothing has changed in the place and nothing has been improved?? Why are so many people receiving ridiculous rent increases just for the hell of it? It’s time we deflate inflation. I’m coming for the big balloon with a needle in hand (that’s how it works, right?).

“The market has tightened a lot in the past year, so I was expecting an increase of something like 10-20 per cent,” the renter told The Guardian.

“Getting a 60 per cent raise was really shocking. It’s such a dramatic rise in such a short period of time with only two months’ notice.”

The rental crisis is getting so out of hand it’s becoming impossible to live within reasonable means. I’m packing my bags and moving to the Nullarbor Plain.

“The landlords are taking advantage of the situation, being greedy and putting profits above everything else,” he continued.

“For people on welfare or single mothers with kids … the whole moving process is a much bigger deal for them and often a lot more expensive. Our hearts go out to people in those situations.”

If a landlord told me I would be spending Christmas trying to find a new place to live they would conveniently find mice scattered about their abode. I am not above medieval revenge tactics. Fetch me my arbalest.

Chief Executive at Tenants Queensland Penny Carr told The Guardian that the largest rent increase she’s seen in Brisbane was a $550 jump from $1,200 a week to $1,750 a week. Ridonkulous.

“We’re still just seeing these ridiculous increases that are unaffordable to people,” she said.

“At the moment some people are getting this ‘take it or leave it’ form. So it’s a new agreement with a rent increase or a notice to leave.

“It’s just opportunistic … these massive increases because the market has got an opportunity to do these sort of short gains.”

If renting is becoming impossible I guess the dream of owning a house is just a myth. Maybe we should all move to the desert and live under the sand like those people in Dune. Rent is the mind-killer.