Kylie Minogue Named Sydney’s NYE Ambassador

Pocket-sized impossible princess and pop icon Kylie Minogue has been named the creative ambassador for Sydney’s 2012 New Year’s Eve event.

Sydney Lord Mayor and chain choker aficionado, Clover Moore, has announced that Our Kylie will collaborate with the production and creative teams to select the themes and colours for this year’s shebang to end all shebangs (literally, if those Mayans have their way – it’s like Y2K all over again), which will then be reflected in the world-famous midnight fireworks.

In a statement, Moore said that “With Kylie’s input we will build on past successes of Sydney New Year’s Eve, which attracts 1.5 million people to the harbour foreshore and contributes about $156 million to the local economy.” And about $20 million to the alcopop industry.

Kylie added that “No matter where I am in the world, I always watch Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks and even though I’m from Melbourne I could not miss this opportunity to celebrate 25 years of performing at the New Year’s Eve capital of the world. So many things are happening for my 25th anniversary in music (including bringing down the house at Sydney’s Mardi Gras), but I can’t think of a better finale for the K25 year than to be in Australia for the Sydney NYE celebrations.”

Our prediction: a night like this that will leave you spinning around with infectious pop grooves that you won’t be able to get out of your head. And glitter confetti. Lots of glitter confetti. Get ready to do the locomotion, Sydney.

Via ABC News

Title Image by Axel Schmidt via Getty