Oh bless Kochie. The ‘Sunrise‘ host appears to be taking the news that rival programme ‘Today‘ is beating them in the ratings somewhat personally.

He absolutely lost it at some poor viewer who mixed up his Australian morning breakfast shows.

Sunrise‘ was doing one of those segments where the programme calls a random viewer, who, if they answer the phone correctly, win a bunch of money.
Unfortunately, this poor bloke – John Brewer from Aulbury – answered with “I wake up with ‘Today’, hello?”, and got a bloody grilling.
Hosts Natalie Barr, Mark Beretta and Edwina Bartholomew, cracked up laughing, but Kochie just cracked it.

“You stupid man!” he said. “John, why the f…..frick would you wake up with Today?”

“I’m not sure we’re gonna give you the bloody cash now you two-timer,” he said – which, btw, was a cool $30,000 this morning.

The caller seemed a little confused as to why he gettin’ abused, so Kochie sought to correct him.

“John, it’s Sunrise,” he said.

“Sorry?” John replied.

“It’s Australia’s number one breakfast program, not the imitators.”

Somewhere, Karl Stefanovic‘s head just swivelled.

John eventually caught on. “Is that David Koch?” he said.

“It is, John,” Kochie replied, thoroughly unimpressed.

This is not the first time Kochie’s dressed down a viewer who mixed up ‘Today’ and ‘Sunrise’ during the Cash Cow Segment. In June this year someone did *literally the same thing*, and Kochie told them to “get stuffed”. Nice!
DW, old mate John still won the $30,000, and Kochie managed to almost crack a smile when John said he’d take his son on their first holiday in years. :’)
Photo: Sunrise.