Feisty Koala Sets Up Shop In Bloke’s Air-Conditioned Car And Refuses To Leave

A South Australian winemaker has had his car taken over by a koala after the cheeky lil’ fella took refuge from the heat by setting up shop in the back seat.

Tim Whitrow had left his car door open with the air-conditioning on so that his dog could make its way in and out while he worked on his family’s vineyard in McLaren Vale, around 40km south of Adelaide.

It wasn’t until he was driving to another part of the estate that he noticed a second, non-dog furry critter in his back seat.

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“I noticed some fluffy ears in the back seat and saw there was a koala in the car,” he told 9 News.

“It was definitely a chill koala.”

Whitrow filmed the koala rummaging around in his backseat as he tried to coax it out of the car. The temptation of water failed, and he was offered up a quick swipe for trying to gently nudge it towards the open door.

Eventually, the koala even made its way to the dash.

“I ended up having to pick it up by the scruff of the neck and literally pull it out of the car,” he said.

Whitrow says he doesn’t plan on having the scratches on his dashboard fixed, instead keeping it as a souvenir of his rare up-close encounter.