Feast Your Eyes On The First King Charles Gold Coin That’ll Get Ya Half A Soft Serve Nowadays

It’s official. The golden coin that is used for Chiko rolls, (when they were a dollar) slushies, and no uniform school days has been changed forever.

On Thursday, the Royal Australian Mint did a ru-veal of the new $1 coin. The cover girl for the banging dollar was originally Queen Elizabeth II but now that’s been changed to her son, His Majesty King Charles III.

In a Facebook post, the Mint said the task of changing the dollar coin has been “complex” and it “required highly specialised skills, design, engineering, engraving and tool-making.”

“The effigy was designed by Dan Thorne from The Royal Mint in the UK and was approved by His Majesty King Charles III,” the post reads.

“The Royal Australian Mint is approaching the conclusion of trials and prototyping and will shortly enter full scale manufacturing of the $1 circulating coin with the new effigy.

“The Mint intends on manufacturing 10 million of these $1 coins, which will commence going into the banks and into the economy close to December this year.”

BEHOLD: King Chachi with his heavily detailed side profile on Aussie dosh. Too bad it didn’t feature his infamous fingers — which I may or may not be obsessed with…

(Image source: Royal Australian Mint)

“For seven decades, Australians have seen a Queen on their coins. Every decimal currency coin has featured Queen Elizabeth II. Now, for the first time since 1953, the King’s effigy will appear on an Australian coin. For most Australians, this will be the first time they have held in their hands a coin with a King,” Andrew Leigh, Assistant Minister for Employment, Competition, Charities and Treasury, said.

Although the Mint said it will be manufacturing about 10 million coins, it may be a while until we receive a gold King Chachi dollar in our wallets.

According to The Guardian, Queen Elizabeth II’s face was printed on 15.5 billion coins. The last coin featuring Chachi’s mother was released in January 2023, so it might take yonks to catch the King.

And in case you’re worried that the Queen’s coins are obsolete, do not worry. Of course, they can still be used.

Will the King make another appearance on our money? The Mint says it’s all about the demand, so King Chachi could probably appear on the two-dollar coins or even the five-cent ones.

I know we’re all dying for change in Australia, but I didn’t think that this would be at the top of our to-do list.

Image source: Getty Images / Ben A. Pruchnie