Ex-PMs Kevin Rudd & Malcolm Turnbull Are Being Messy Bitches By Dueling For The Chaser’s Love

Rudd v Turnbull

Former Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull have long been competition for the title of Australia’s messiest bitch. Now they’ve extended this rivalry to see who can suck up to The Chaser the most and, folks, it’s entertaining as fuck.

Here’s what went down.

The other day, The Chaser posted a comment under one its Facebook posts which read: “Turnbull if you’re reading this, buy a $5 subscription ya cheapass.”

Sure enough, Turnbull actually forked out $60 for a donation. It’s noticeably more generous than the time the multi-millionaire put just $5 in a homeless man’s cup as some kind of parasitic photo op.

“Ha! I don’t mind. But I think doxing your subscribers is pretty crazy….” Turnbull replied on Twitter after The Chaser gloated about the donation.

It’s a pretty good gag, we can’t deny.

The Chaser then told Turnbull that he should be grateful they didn’t project his email address on the Sydney Opera House, to which he, in true Turnbull fashion, replied: “Very good of you. Most obliged.”

So far, so good.

The Chaser then tagged Rudd to see what they could also squeeze out of Australia’s reigning honorary handball champ.

Not to be outdone as the most petty former PM, Rudd pitched in $61 – a whole dollar more than his Liberal rival.

It’s witty, it’s petty, it’s rivalrous and it’s surprisingly funny. Give whichever of his social media advisors came up with this a $60 payrise, we say.

The Chaser then responded directly to Rudd with one final demand. You do the maths.

Unfortunately, our memelord of a former PM declined to take part in such a salacious stunt. Big Kev’s had enough for today, it seems.

The Chaser Interns (a separate but related account) have since put the call-out to Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott.

The (hand)ball’s now in their court.