KEEP GOING: 10 Million Aussies Have Now Handed In Their SSM Postal Surveys

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released its second update on the ongoing same-sex marriage postal survey, once again letting everyone know how many of the buggers have been returned and as of Friday October 6, we’re now at the 10 million mark.

The estimation of returned paper surveys is about 800,000 higher than last week’s and now represents 62.5 percent of overall eligible surveys.

The 62.5 % figure is of some significance, as it means that even with a month left for final surveys to be sent it, we’ve already surpassed the turn-out percentage of Ireland’s marriage equality referendum back in 2015.

It also means that there are still six million survey forms out and about in Australia somewhere, yet to be ticked and returned, so let’s not all get too complacent yet. As Australian Marriage Equality’s Anna Brown says in a statement today:

We have an opportunity to reflect the values that we already live by, but to do that we need as many surveys as possible returned.

There are still millions of surveys that need to be posted back to the ABS, we want every Australian to have their say and post YES for marriage equality.

Also there are only 10 days left to request a replacement survey form, so if you know of anyone who hasn’t received their form for whatever reason, point them in this direction over here.

The end is near(ish), friends, but keep up the good work in supporting a big ol’ Yes outcome and we’ll all happily be gay marrying the shit out of each other in no time.