Alright, this is pretty funny. Harry Potter political metaphors are the most overused trope of the latter half of this decade, but give me Tony Abbott‘s face superimposed over Uncle Vernon‘s and I’m on board.

YouTuber Ace Alderman has gone and made Harry Potter and the Postal Survey, laying in to this ridiculous and frankly inhuman survey on equal rights.

Abbott plays the part of Uncle Vernon (a nice change from those Voldemort comparisons, I’m sure), while Dr Pansy Lai, who you might remember as the pro-conversion therapy doctor featured in the Coalition for Marriage ad campaign, plays Aunt Petunia.

Harry waits for his same-sex marriage postal survey, but it seems forces are conspiring to prevent or delay him from voting ‘Yes’,” the description reads.

It’s some welcome comic relief during this period of bullshit, but more importantly it’s a call to action. The clip ends with the message: “Survey closes Oct. 26. (Literally pointless, but let’s win it anyway)”. 

The ABS says that more than half of postal surveys (more than 9.2 million) have been returned. That’s one helluva good job, but if your postal survey is sitting on your kitchen counter / in your bag / down the back of the couch, get that bad boy and send it off ASAP. This thing is too important to lose.

Image: YouTube / Ace Alderman