Karl Stefanovic Loses It Over Packer Clacker Headline

Karl Stefanovic, presenter on the Today Show and legitimate National Treasure, has never been one to take his line of work too seriously. He’s a bit of a rogue; a prankster; he finds humour in the littlest, (or biggest) sticky things. It seems like it was a mere matter of time before he found something to laugh at in this whole James Packer/David Gyngell donnybrook situation that’s gone down over the past 24 hours or so.

We all love a good bit of biff from time to time. It’s in our blood. And when it happens to rich, famous people we love it even more. Naturally, the media had a field day with it. These kinds of stories are more or less Mardi Gras for sub-editors. The headlines were spectacular. But, as usual, the NT News was the one that knocked it well and truly out of the park.

The Today Show ran with it this morning, and poor old Karl couldn’t hold it in. And why the hell would you want him to?

Never change, Karl. Never ever change.

Photo: Kristian Dowling via Getty Images.