Julie Bishop Now Has “No Concerns” With Gay Marriage, Backs Plebiscite

It’s been seven weeks since Tony Abbott was booted from Australia’s top job, and his former cabinet ministers are slowly but surely shaking themselves from the manic fever dream that was his Government.
Tonight on The Project, Foreign Minister and noted lover of emojis Julie Bishop took another step from Tone’s shadow by publicly throwing support behind the push for a plebiscite on same-sex marriage. 
In response to host Carrie Bickmore – who quite rightly pointed out that we don’t need a public vote to bring marriage equality into action anyway – Bishop said she personally has “absolutely no concerns” about same-sex marriage, but did concede “there are a lot of people who are deeply concerned about the issue.”

“That’s why I think a plebiscite, where the Australian people get to have a vote on it, on an issue as fundamental as this, that goes to the very composition of our community, the way we treat each other, how we feel about each other, I think that’s an important issue for a plebiscite, and that’s why I support it.”

While her sentiment does echo one expressed by her new boss, it does give us hope that maybe – just maybe – on an individual level, members of our current government are capable of veering from the well-trodden conservative-at-all-costs mindset. 

You can watch her spruik Malc & Co. before not-so-subtly calling the whole Knights and Dames thing a bit shit below:

Julie Bishop MP

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop shares her emoji thoughts on knights and dames, views on marriage equality & the Syrian conflict #TheProjectTV

Posted by The Project on Sunday, 1 November 2015

Story via ABC. 

Image via Facebook.