Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne has publicly reaffirmed his support for the government’s plan to hold a plebiscite on the issue of marriage equality, after comments he made about the measures potentially passing “sooner than everyone thinks” were leaked to the media. 

Appearing on Q&A, Pyne responded to a question regarding the apparent divide between Coalition party members on the issue by saying “obviously I support the [plebiscite].

“I want there to be a vote of the people so that they are part of that outcome. That was a policy we put to the parliament.”

That statement stands in contrast to his Pyne’s seemingly optimistic comments about the immediate future of marriage equality, considering the plebiscite’s failure in parliament last year.

In any case, any insinuations to be made from Pyne’s leaked comments – like the possibility of a simple parliamentary vote on the issue – were quickly quashed by current and former Liberal Party heavy-hitters. 

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who largely backed the plebiscite to win over the hard-right corner of his party after ousting Tony Abbott, said “the reason there is not gay marriage lawful in Australia at the moment is because no plebiscite has been held.”

Previously, Turnbull said that without a plebiscite, “the resolution of the same-sex marriage issue will be postponed potentially for a very long time.”

However, former Liberal senator and hard-line conservative Cory Bernardi said the Coalition is now “cooking up something to try and get same-sex marriage off the agenda but the price of that will be it will destroy the Liberal party.”

Whatever the case may be, Pyne’s leaked comments have bloody well confused the issue. Watch his explanation below:

Source and photo: Q&A / Twitter / The Australian.