Jacqui Lambie Takes Aim At Tony Abbott For Marriage Equality Delay

As the issue of marriage equality in Australia simmers in Parliament, Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie today called for action on legalising same-sex marriage.

Lambie warned the Australian public to not let the issue be kept in the hands of politicians, calling for a plebiscite to decide a change in legislation.

“I’ve made it very, very clear on this and I can’t believe we’re still talking about this. It’s quite simple. There needs to be a plebiscite and it needs to be held at the next election.”

“Everybody is going to be at the polls voting, it’s a simple question. “Do you want same-sex marriage in Australia? Yes or no?”  

“For Tony Abbott not to have come and said that already, I have to ask where his leadership is honestly,”

“It’s a pretty simple procedure. We’re talking about same-sex marriage when we could have already put it in place.”
It’s a rare thing for us to say this – but Jacqui Lambie does have a point.

This week, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop continued to stay relatively mum on the issue, telling HuffPost Australia that “I don’t want my personal views to become the issue,” and reiterated, “I’m a very liberal minded person.” 

via 9 News.