A 9NEWS journalist reporting live this morning had her broadcast interrupted by the same man alleged to have fatally driven his car into pedestrians in Bourke Street Mall later today

Neary Ty was reporting for the TODAY show at around 8 o’clock this morning when a maroon sedan pulled up behind her in shot. Speaking to 9NEWS tonight, Ty said that the driver was “ranting and raving and swearing. He was waving his red hat out of the window.

Incredibly, Ty was reporting on the stabbing incident in Windsor that is believed to be linked to the Bourke Street attack when the man alleged to have been involved in both incidents appeared in her live cross. 

According to Ty, the man in the maroon car fishtailed off after being scolded by a crew member, but returned to the scene about ten minutes after they’d packed up.  

I walked past him and I noticed that he was wearing a gold chunky bracelet, which was similar to a gold chunky necklace that was found at the scene during this fight [in which the stabbing occurred]. He was there for a while … he remarkably was there around ten minutes after police and the SES had just left the scene.

Ty said that it wasn’t until around 2pm this afternoon that she realised that the guy causing a scene in the background of her live report was the same man responsible for the chaos in the inner city.

My cameraman Glen called me and said, ‘Have you seen this situation that’s unfolding in the city today, I think it’s the same car that’s involved.’ We noticed that there was a bit of green tape underneath the registration plate, and that’s when we realised that was the same man.

The attack on Bourke Street Mall has left three people dead and 20 injured

Source and image: 9NEWS.