Jeffree Star Accused Of Sexually Assaulting People & Bribing Them With $10K To Stay Silent

Makeup mogul and influencer Jeffree Star has been accused of physical and sexual assault, and offering “hush money” to alleged victims in an explosive new investigation.

An investigation by Insider has revealed a string of allegations of sexual assault, physical abuse and bribery from the OG internet star.

According to the lengthy report, a number of alleged victims/witnesses claim Star repeatedly sexually assaulted people, regardless of gender, on tour as a musician and in his home.

One particularly damning allegation claims that Star forcibly performed non-consensual oral sex on an underage teen after giving him copious amounts of alcohol and Ambien.

In addition to allegations of non-consensual oral sex and sexual assault during performances at shows like Warped Tour, the investigation found numerous reports of Star using tasers and stun guns on people who rejected his advances.

These allegations, and any allegations of sexual assault by the influencer, were denied by Star’s attorney, who told Insider that Star “has never tasered or drugged anyone for sex.”

However, it’s important to note that Insider also reportedly received texts from victims, who claim they were offered $10,000 from Star to retract their statements and remain silent on the allegations.

“Jeffree Star has agreed to pay you $10,000 if you choose to do the same,” one alleged victim, who attempted to retract his statements to Insider, reportedly texted Chris Avery Bennet (who was also contacted for the story).

Image: Insider

However, prior to receiving the alleged offer of financial compensation, Bennet told Insider that Jeffree had a history of keeping people quiet, and that she wanted to speak up.

“Jeffree has never hidden any of this. The only thing he’s ever done is shut people up. But what needs to happen is somebody needs to speak up and open that door for people who have more serious encounters. And nobody’s done that. And I’m not afraid to be that person.”

Bennet told Insider as part of their investigation that Jeffree star was her “first real bully” and her experience with him reportedly resulted in her attempting to take her own life.

“Jeffree Star was my first bully. My first real bully and abuser,” Bennet said. “Jeffree is a bully, but the way that Jeffree does things goes far beyond and turns into actual abuse and harm.”

She later told the publication that she refused the “attempt to pay 10 grand for [her] silence.”

Jeffree Star’s attorney declined to comment on whether payment had been offered to any of the people who spoke to Insider. It’s important to note that this is not a denial of whether or not a payment took place, it is a denial to comment at all.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Jeffree Star for comment.

You can read the full investigation here.