The First Aussie To Get The COVID Vaccine Has Opened Up About *That* Accidental Hand Gesture

Vaccine queen Jane Malysiak, the first person in Australia to get the COVID-19 jab, has given an interview to explain what went wrong when she inadvertently – but extremely wholesomely – flipped off the whole country.

Speaking with Sky News anchor Laura Jayes, Malysiak explained that she wasn’t actually joking she she made that gesture with her hand. She says it was actually just an honest mistake.

But then… she repeated the gesture on live TV like the queen she is.

Here’s how the interview kicked off:

Laura Jayes: Jane, great to see you, have you figured out that V for vaccine yet?

Jane Malysiak : Ehmm… no, I haven’t.

Laura Jayes: Alright well we won’t ask you to do it again, bu–

Jane: Malysiak : Yeah, I will do it! I I’ll do it again, and always the wrong way. [waves V-symbol in the air] I didn’t know, I’ve never known about it. See, now I’ve learned something.

Malysiak also elaborated on the fact that she had no bloody idea who Scott Morrison was while in the clinic, which is a whole damn mood in and of itself.

“I did not recognise him until later on when I asked, ‘Where is the Prime Minister?’ and they told me, ‘This is the Prime Minister’,” she said.

“If the Prime Minister is watching, I’m sorry I didn’t recognise you, but you’re very, very nice, much nicer than on television.”

Despite the clip getting brigaded by anti-vaxxers online who think Malysiak is the pandemic-equivalent of a crisis actor, she actually had a strong message for the whole country to go out and get that jab.

“Everybody go and get it, so you’ll be safe,” she said.

You can find out when you’ll be eligible for the jab here.