Jacqui Lambie Broke Karl Stefanovic On Today By Admitting That She Doesn’t Get Laid

Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie is certainly an interesting character, to put it rather lightly.

While in recent months the Senator has garnered widespread claim for her almost-lyrical evisceration of the Morrison Government’s deeply shitty University funding reforms, her political career is largely dotted with more see-sawing than a 5-year-old’s birthday party.

So while on the one hand Lambie’s work on issues like those Uni cuts, or the plight of parents dealing with children who develop drug addictions (of which she is one) is unmistakably good, on the other there’s things like the time she made a secret deal with the Government to repeal Medevac, or the time she insisted terrorism was funded by “halal money.” Real swings and roundabouts stuff.

One thing that cannot be denied in any forum, however, is that Lambie is, to put it lightly, a real loose unit.

Appearing on The Today Show this morning to discuss Labor’s party-imposed “Bonk Ban” levelled in response to the explosive 4 Corners report into alleged sexual misconduct in the LNP, Jacqui Lambie just about broke host Karl Stefanovic clean in half with a fairly forthright quip about her own bedroom antics, or lack thereof.

Haphazardly approaching the issue of the power imbalance that women in Canberra systemically face, Stefanovic asked Jacqui Lambie “have you observed that, have you seen that, have you seen evidence of that, and does something need to be done about that?”

Lambie’s response? “I don’t evidence of it up here, I’ve gotta be honest. But I don’t belong to those major parties, you’ve gotta remember that. So we just sorta keep to ourselves and get on with it and use our time productively. I don’t have time for bonking, I’ve made it quite clear in the past. I can’t even get to first base, Karl. Let’s be honest.”

Cue: Uncontrollable corpsing from Karl.

Another classic moment for the Karl Stefanovic Today Show archives. Does it quite reach the dizzying heights of Extremely Hot Pie or Long Sticky Thing? Arguably not. But “losing your shit after Senator Jacqui Lambie openly jokes about her lack of roots”? That’s certainly up there.