Police Confirm Gunman Among Three Dead After Shooting At US eSports Event

Authorities have confirmed that two people were killed in a mass shooting at a Jacksonville, Florida eSports tournament.

Speaking to local media, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams added the suspected shooter has been identified as 24-year-old Baltimore native David Katz.

It is believed Katz was present at the GLHF Game Bar as a participant in the Madden 19 event when he opened fire on other attendees with a handgun.

The Associated Press reports Katz took his own life in the incident.

Williams said police had no information regarding a potential motive for the shooting, and did not confirm speculation Katz began shooting after a loss at the event.

Nine people, not all of whom sustained gunshot injuries, have received medical treatment after the shooting.

UF Health Jacksonville received six patients after the shooting, including one who sustained three gunshot wounds. They remain in a critical condition, while the five others are reportedly in stable conditions.

Memorial Hospital is also treating three victims.

Officials have not released the identities of the victims.

EA Games, the company behind the Madden video game franchise, issued a short statement in response to the incident.

The NFL, on which Madden is based, issued a similar statement.

CNN reports US President Donald Trump has been briefed in the situation.