Fair play to her, being both a new Mum and the leader of a nation, Jacinda Ardern can pretty much order whatever she wants for dinner at the moment.

But after safely delivering her first child into the world yesterday, it turns out all Ardern was keen for was a giant, fuck-off pile of mac & cheese.

After announcing the arrival of her baby daughter – name unrevealed as of yet – the New Zealand Prime Minister took some time today to thank her midwife Libby.

In an Instagram post, the NZ PM highlighted Libby’s work, naming her as one of many people who assisted her during the birth.

In doing so, she let slip that the urge for a steaming bowl of mac & cheese hit her yesterday, which Libby helped make a reality.

Ahh it’s all so bloody nice.

Hell yeah Jacinda Ardern.

Hell yeah Libby.

Hell yeah little mate.

Hell yeah mac & cheese.


Image: Instagram / Jacinda Ardern