IT’S OFFICIAL: Aussies Love Lungin’ A Bong More Than Any Other Country

You probably didn’t need any fancy bloody researchers to tell ya, but they’ve gone and done it anyway: Australians are the world’s biggest bongsmokers.

Light ’em up and raise ’em high, folks:
The Global Drug Survey 2017, conducted in partnership with harm reduction groups and global media, surveyed 115,000 people, including 5,700 Australian participants. Though Aussies aren’t the biggest cannabis users, they are the most likely to inhale said cannabis via a fat beug. Yiew!
We’re also big drug friends generally, actually. More than three quarters of respondents claimed to have used illegal drugs, with a full third confirming they’d inhaled, injected, snorted, shelved or popped something naughty in the past month. Or any other weird drug delivery method I have not included here.
We’re also – unsurprisingly – getting slugged at the cocaine bowser. We pay more for nose beers than any other country on earth, forking out $321 a gram. The cheapest coke in the world, by comparison, is obviously Colombia‘s, where they shell out around five bucks a gram.
Besides weed, the next most popular drug is ecstasy, followed by cocaine and LSD. Again, no big surprises there. We also apparently aren’t that fussed on whether our weed is spun with tobacco or not, whereas most other countries have a clear preference. We’re a chill bunch like that.

Source: Global Drug Survey 2017.
Photo: Reddit.