59% Of Aussies Revealed They’re Horny For Their Co-Worker In A Spicy New Sex Survey By Netflix

Sex Education season 3 is out today (!!!) and to celebrate, the good people at Netflix have given us what we want: spicy sex stats.

Last month, Netflix Australia surveyed 1,022 Aussies aged 18 and older, and asked them all kinds of horny questions to see what makes us tick, sexually, as a nation.

First up, the participants were asked how they rate their performance in bed (oh, this oughta be good…), and apparently 1 in 10 Aussies think they’re ‘great’ and nearly a third (32%) rate themselves as just ‘good.’

Unsurprisingly, Millennials have the most tickets on themselves compared to other generations, with 59% rating themselves as a ‘great’ or ‘good’ lover.

The survey also revealed that women rate themselves as better in bed than men rate themselves, with 16% of women giving themselves a top rating, compared to 11% of men.

Meanwhile 54% of Aussies say they have sex at least once a month in lockdown, which is fair.

The other juicy bit? Aussies bloody love experimenting. 33% of participants said they enjoy using sex toys (34% own a sex toy), 31% say watching porn with others gets them off, 27% enjoy a bit of role play here and there, and 13% of men are into threesomes.

And in terms of who is turning us on, 59% of people are horny for their colleagues, while 27% are into celebs and 21% are into influencers (fkn lol).

Aaaaaand no list of sex stats would be complete without intel on how much we’ve been pleasuring ourselves, especially for singles during COVID.

66% of Aussies say they love to masturbate and 1.9 million claim to do it every single bloody day, while 28% masturbate once to several times a week.

And last on the list of findings are some stats that aren’t really sexual, but they’re pretty gross and / or fascinating. Have a go at these, will ya?

  • 1.8 million Aussies also enjoy drinking a cold beverage in the shower
  • 69% of Aussies confess they’ve enjoyed peeing in the shower
  • 65% love popping their pimples or blackheads
  • 65% admit to taking a peek at their poop before flushing

Well, that was fun!

So what do these stats say about us overall, aside from the fact that we love a shower beer?

Aussie sexologist, Aleeya Hachem, gave Netflix the following summation: “The research shows Australians are confident, experimental and open, much like the characters reflected in Sex Education. Knowing what you’re into and embodying confidence will always be one of the biggest turn ons for you and your partner, and is a key takeaway from the latest series.”

We love to see it.

Sex Education season 3 lands on Netflix today.