It’s Election Week, Baby & The Coalition Has Taken A Newspoll Lead

It’s the last week of the election campaign, and it looks like the Coalition has had a bit of a boost. After lagging behind in many recent polls, today’s Newspoll puts them ahead of Labor 51-49 on a two-party preferred basis. 
This comes in the midst of a pretty heated campaign in which it looks like many voters are keen to dump the two major parties and go for minors or independents.
This is the first time the Coalition has been ahead in the polls this campaign, and The Australian argues that the result of the Brexit referendum is driving voters toward a party that they believe is better at managing the economy.
They ascertained this from the fact that Labor’s vote remained unchanged at 36 percent, meaning the Coalition’s bump came from people switching from the minor parties. The Greens are sitting at 9%, their lowest since 2013.
Fingers crossed that the parties have already got all their key messages out, seeing as a record 1.16 million people have already voted. If there were any juicy last minute vote winners locked away for a rainy day, they might have missed out on these people.
Favourability rating for both leaders are still really low. Turnbull’s satisfaction rating sits at 37%, and Shorten’s is at 35%. Australia simply does not particularly like either of its major party leaders. 
Five more days til the election.
Source: The Australian.
Photo: Getty Images.