It Looks Like Donald Trump Has Gone And Got Himself A Running Mate

Donald Trump is expected to formally announce his pick his running mate today, but the good word on the street is that he’s opted for former Indiana governor Mike Pence.

Pence would be a pretty safe pick for Trump – he’s very socially conservative and popular with the Republican base, while also having the lengthy political experience that Trump himself lacks.
It was always an outside chance that Trump would pick someone a little bit wilder – a Newt Gingrich, perhaps – but it was always probably going to be a rock-solid Republican who could calm down a base that is a little worried about the kinda shit that Trump could pull if he won.
Pence disagrees with many of Trump’s public statements: he tweeted in December that plans to ban Muslims from entering the United States are “offensive and unconstitutional”.

So that’s interesting. Is this Trump subtly walking back some of the more nationalist claims that got him so much attention on the far-right?
But Pence is no progressive, obviously. He fought hard to stop Syrian refugees from settling in Indiana, has poured a lot of energy into anti-abortion activism, and was a full-throated supporter of the war in Iraq.
We’ll find out if this is all smoke-and-mirrors soon, but The Guardian, speaking on behalf of a Republican source, says that Pence is a shoe-in at this point.
Source: The Guardian.
Photo: Getty Images.