Instagram Account ‘Texts From Malcolm’ Is Nailing The State Of #Auspol Right Now

Yesterday, someone caught wind of the ‘Texts From Malcolm‘ Instagram account and that thing fucking exploded, going from a paltry 2,000 followers to over 14,700 overnight.

It’s not new – the Insta has been around since March – but considering it’s subject matter, Malcolm Turnbull, ascended to the position of our new overlord on Monday night, it was only a matter of time before the account blew the up, because whoever you are, mysterious owner of said account, you are absolutely nailing the current state of Australian politics. 

Like the ‘will he / won’t he remain Treasurer‘ debate sticking to Joe Hockey like a bad onion smell:

And may he reign forever more ???? #libspill #malcolmturnbull #joehockey #auspol #textsfrommalcolm

A photo posted by Malcolm Turnbull (@textsfrommalcolm) on

Or the question mark hanging over the recently vacated position of Minister for Women, and if the next time it’ll actually be one:

#textsfrommalcolm #auspol #libspill #malcolmturnbull #juliebishop #ministerforwomen

A photo posted by Malcolm Turnbull (@textsfrommalcolm) on

Or the fact that when Malcolm Turnbull moves into The Lodge (which Tony Abbott spent $8.8 million renovating), it will be the equivalent of you moving into an inner city share house with a mould problem – it’ll do, but your parent’s place has food and free Wi-Fi. 

Whoever you are, please continue to fucking SLAY your Auspol commentary, mate. You’re doing god’s work.

Images via Texts From Malcolm.