Sorry Sydney Folks, The Rain Goddess Soddening Our Trousers Is Not Done With Us Yet

a meme about sydney weather and the recent rain and storms

The relentless rain that swept Sydney out of its cursed heatwave also nearly swept actual people away with it, with rescues undertaken in inner-Sydney over the weekend. And we’ve still got a few days of this soggy weather left.

Two people were rescued from Waterloo and Alexandria on Sunday morning after flash flooding inundated their cars and left them trapped. Inner Sydney’s streets basically turning into a canal after less than a week of rain??? Shocking.

The rain goddess soddening our trousers is here to stay for a little while longer though, with Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe predicting this blustery weather won’t ease until Wednesday at least.

“It’s going to be a daily event as well, up and down the east coast from Monday to Wednesday,” he said, per

“The NSW north-coast and down to Sydney is probably where the bulk of that weather will be.”

BOM (the Binches of Meteorology) has issued storm and flash flooding warnings for Central Coast. Rain is expected to bucket down in catastrophic amounts in Gosford, The Entrance and Woy Woy so if you’re up in that area, stay safe.

Earlier in the week, people had to be rescued in Miranda after flash flooding overwhelmed their cars in a matter of minutes.

Drivers had to frantically climb out and find higher ground, and one guy told ABC News his vehicle — which was parked in the flood zone — was going to be “a write-off”. RIP.

On Thursday, ABC reported that the State Emergency Service had received 600 calls and performed 31 rescues.

Basically, the rain has been fucked.

Though, given the fact that I live in a rental with no air-conditioning, and it has been unbearably hot these past few weeks, I must say I welcome our new tempestuous overlords and 20C weather.

And I bet everyone fasting this Ramadan szn is also grateful for the relief.