Chances are, you’ve probably been witness to some seriously lengthy complaints on Facebook about how the lockout laws have personally affected every damn person you know who resides in Sydney.

A hot take you likely saw heavily shared was Freelancer founder Matt Barrie‘s looooong/thorough article, which basically explained every shithouse aspect of the laws down to the last minute detail. 

One of the worst things about the situation is the feeling of helplessness. It’s beyond obvious that these laws are causing a once-great, once-vigorous, once-interesting city to die, as per the last City of Sydney report showed, but we can’t do anything about it. 

The big bad government told us, ‘no, you can’t be trusted!‘ then they shut the doors of the clubs, pubs and bars we once adored, and that’s all there is to it. Their fingers are planted firmly in their ears, singing ‘LA LA LA CAN’T HEAR YOU’ while workers and business owners lose their livelihoods, entire suburbs lose their vibrance and identities, and the public lose confidence in the city they’ve chosen to live in. All we can do is whinge on Facebook, and sit at home with our cask of crappy goon that we had to purchase before 10pm.

However, the independent review of the lockout laws is about to begin, conducted by former-High Court judge Ian Callinan QC. Your personal comments and experiences are being requested by the NSW Government, and ‘your input will be a key part of this review’. 

So, according to the Liquor Review’s website, all you have to do is email your comments in writing to to make your voice heard. 

It’s easy to shrug it off and say ‘eh, enough people will do it, I can’t be bothered’. But, change was never achieved by people who couldn’t be bothered. Plus, if you’ve got the time to write a lengthy whinge on Facebook, then you’ve got time to copy and paste that rant into an email. 

You could hopefully assist future generations of Sydney-dwellers with enjoying the monumentally-fantastic city you once did. Not to mention you yourself could get back sorely-missed late nights, while simultaneously receive the privilege of not being treated like a petulant toddler. 

Details are here:

Attend some events to show your support: Keep Sydney Open is holding a fundraising event at Freda’s on 3rd of March, with DJ’s, artists, a fashion/art auction:

Reclaim The Streets is holding a mad dance party/rally at the venue we’ll soon have left: the street. It’s on the 19th of March – it’s a great time, and you get to see people power out in force:

Write to Premier Mike Baird! Someone will more than likely respond for him, and say your comment has been passed on to Deputy Premier Troy Grant (it’s in his portfolio apparently), but regardless – you’ve made your words count. 

And don’t forget to sign this petition – it’s been around for a while, and it already up to 42k people, but needs your signature for maximum impact nonetheless:

Strength in numbers ya’ll – now get writing/rallying/donating. 

If You’re Hating On Sydney’s Lockout Laws, Here’s How To Make Real Change

Source: NSW Liquor Law Review.

Photo: Ian Waldie / Getty.