If 2011 Felt Really Rainy That’s Because It Was

And now for some Weather chat!

If the year just gone felt particularly rainy to you, that’s probably because it was particularly rainy. It turns out 2011 was Australia’s third wettest year on record.

The Bureau Of Meterology have just released its Annual Australian Climate Statement 2011, and according to the data the Australian mean rainfall total for 2011 was 699 mm (the long-term average of 465 mm), placing the year at the third-wettest since comparable records began in 1900. Last year was also the second-highest two-year (2010-2011) rainfall on record and Australia’s coldest autumn since at least 1950.

Rainfall mapping:

The La Niña phenomenon is supposedly responsible for the insane increase in the annual rainfall – as well as all the floods, wild storms and bushfires Australians weathered last year. Let’s hope things settle down a bit in 2012.

ABC News