Syd, Wetter Than Your Pants In 2022, Is Just A Rainy-Ass Day Away From Breaking A 60-Yr Record

sydney rain

If 2022 doesn’t start sorting its shit out, this entire year will become Sydney’s wettest in almost 60 years.

Seriously. According to, all Sydney needs is another 200mm of rain and it will be the wettest period it’s had since 1963.

And with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting a grim week of rain and thunderstorms for large parts of the country’s east coast (including western and southern NSW), it’s looking pretty damn likely that it’ll become a record-breaking reality soon.

You know what this means? Many Sydneysiders are experiencing the wettest year of their entire damn life right now. Not even being dramatic to get the point across. It’s also the most rain for this early in the year — since records began in the 1800s.

But that never-ending, damp washing pile could’ve told you that, right? It never fucking ends.

It was just last month that Sydney clocked its wettest month on record, with July 2022 taking the crown with two weeks of the month still to go. At the time, Weatherzone senior meteorologist Brett Dutschke told Sydney Morning Herald that La Niña had been a “major player” in the ridiculous amounts of rainfall Sydney had recorded in 2022.

La Niña is a pesky bitch like that and she doesn’t look even close to be done with us. BoM has given a 70 per cent chance of a La Niña weather event literally pissing down on our summer plans.

Friendly reminder: La Niña ramps up the average rainfall between December and March by 20 per cent. A usually warm and relaxing period that many of us look forward to, especially after the shit-show winter we’ve had, not to mention the restrictions and COVID-spikes of the last two summers.

It’s also concerning for full water storage systems and flooding potential on the East Coast.

As many Australians in the east know the soils are still quite wet, the rivers are running quite high, and the dams are full, and with this outlook of increased rainfall, it does bring elevated flood risks for much of eastern Australia,” BoM meteorologist Jonathan How told the SBS

Sorry to literally dampen any spirits. I am merely the messenger.