HOLD UP: Is Beyoncé Legit Set To Voice Nala In The Live-Action ‘Lion King’?

OK ok ok, let’s all attempt to keep our shit together on this one, with further reports coming out today that greatest human to ever grace the planet, Beyoncé, is very close to signing on to voice Nala in the upcoming live-action remake of Disney classic ‘The Lion King.

Us, trying to keep our cool RN.

The oh-so-perfect-we-hope-it’s-true rumour first started making rounds back in March when Variety had the supposed “scoop” that Queen B was first choice for the role according to director Jon Favreau, which, whilst yet to be confirmed, is also a truism if we’ve ever heard one.

Beyoncé is everyone’s first choice for everything, ever. Duh.

But now comes some further goss, which is still very grain-of-salty, but unavoidably hype-building, with a Twitter fan account called TheBeyHiveTeam reporting our lord and saviour is in final negotiations to not only voice Nala alongside Donald Glover’s Simba, but to produce and record some all new African-inspired music for the soundtrack.


If you can’t read that rank, poorly-chosen, font, here’s the full text:

We are excited to confirm that director Jon Favreau is getting his wish! Beyoncé is in final negotiations to play Nala in Disney’s upcoming live action reboot of The Lion King! Disney has reportedly agreed to pay a whopping $25 million to secure Beyoncé’s involvement with the project.

We can exclusively report from a source that one major clause in Beyoncé’s contract is to be the curator and producer of the soundtrack which will include several new and original African inspired and tribal recordings by the singer, as well as classic Lion King favorites. The soundtrack will be released worldwide through Parkwood Entertainment & Columbia Records (SONY).

So, look, it’s currently an unverified claim from a Twitter account, but that being said, TheBeyHiveTeam have in the past been spot-on with exclusive leaks, which does beef up the likelihood that this is all true.


We’d pray to our God that this is all one hundo percent gonna come to fruition, but that would mean praying to Beyoncé herself, which feels a bit circular, so maybe just cross all ya bits with us and wish upon a star or whatever.

We’ll let you know if and when this is confirmed, in no doubt obscenely hyperbolic fashion.