Hogwarts Recreated Using 400,000 LEGO Pieces Is Glorious

An American mother of two has spent 12 months putting together 400, 000 tiny little blocks in the most perfect use of LEGO (and idle time) ever. Alice Finch built an exact replica of Harry Potter school Hogwarts, complete with Snape’s dungeon, Hagrid’s hut, tiny little Harrys running through the corridors and Dumbledore making his annual opening address in the Great Hall. It’s probably the most spectacular LEGO creation we’ve ever seen (and we’ve seen some epic shit using that medium, like a Romance Was Born-design mosaic and this marvelously d-grade re-imagining of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video).

Finch’s creation won both People’s Choice and Best In Show last September at the 2012 BrickCon – a mecca for LEGO-maniacs to convene and discuss their shared obsession. The structure may look small, but it’s pretty much a fully-fledged scale model, configured in an L-shape with each side spanning four metres in length.

If you’re wondering where your own take-home ‘LEGO: Hogwarts’ pack is, you could have to save your pennies for it seeing as Finch ‘doesn’t really want to know’ how much it cost her. She sourced the necessary blocks by the thousand from different places all over the world.

Admire more awesomeness at Finch’s Flickr where you can see the entire photoset.