You Can Make Your Own LEGO Bin Chicken (With Wheelie Bin) Using This Free Guide

lego bin chicken

Regardless of whether we’re stuck in isolation or not, I think we can all agree that building LEGO is really bloody enjoyable. Whether you’re building your dream house as a six-year-old, or forking out nearly $1000 on that LEGO Hogwarts castle, we can all appreciate a good building block. But one Aussie has taken it to the next level by making his own instructions for a bin chicken LEGO design.

Custom LEGO builder Brent Waller of Waller Customs has uploaded an instruction booklet to create the iconic bin chicken (complete with a bin) out of LEGO pieces you’ve probably already got in your garage somewhere. Oh, and to make it even better, it’s completely free.

“The Australian Bin Chicken, sometimes knows as The Australian White Ibis. The classic image of modern Australian city life is now build-able at home in LEGO form!” the website reads.

Much like the official LEGO instructions, Waller Customs details every individual piece you’ll need and teaches you how to put it all together. It sounds simple, but we all know that building a LEGO creation is an easy way to kill a couple of hours of spare time.

The impressive creation teaches you how to build two bin chickens and two iconic Aussie wheelie bins, one of which is filled with LEGO rubbish (for authenticity, of course).

If the bin chicken doesn’t really tickle your fancy, Brent also has guides to make this Spooky’s Office or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghost Busters. You can view the other downloadable instruction booklets on his website here.

And remember, LEGO building doesn’t just have to be an isolation hobby. Even when we’re allowed to sink beers at the pub again, a solid night of building a bin chicken out of LEGO will always go down a treat.