That Bonkers New Bar In Sydney Is Hiring If You Wanna Work In A Willy Wonka Fever Dream

Hijinx Hotel

Yoohoo, looking for a job? Another job? Three jobs? Heavens to Betsy, give yourself a break.

Even if you have 17 jobs, you might want to de-hunch and listen.

You see, this absolutely insane NOT-hotel, Hijinx Hotel (stay with me), is opening this winter and you best believe they’re looking for staff members. Or, as they like to call their staff, ‘Motherfunners.’

I’m not kidding.

Exhibit A

Genuinely though, the Hijinx Hotel looks like something out of a Willy Wonka fever dream and I mean that in the best possible way.

Just look at it!

Now, into the nitty-gritty.

Funlab’s Hijinx Hotel is many things, but it is not a hotel, so one of your jobs would likely be telling people, “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”

Instead, the Hijinx Hotel is the following: three bars (where you can grab a cocktail that looks like it belongs in the Louvre), 15 challenge rooms (I’ll circle back to this later), a golf course and a faux hotel lobby which, again, looks like you’ve fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole.

Technically, in hindsight, it’d be the rabbit’s rabbit hole, but rabbits can’t own property so whatever.

Circling back to the challenge rooms, they’re currently kept under a shroud of secrecy, though what we do have are some names: Titanic Room (not included: frozen Leo), Cereal Ball Room, Floor Is Lava and the ol’ classic, Twister.

Keep in mind, there are 15 rooms so the rest are anyone’s guess but I’m positively quivering with antici…pation.

Hijinx Hotel is plonked at Sydney Corporate Park in Alexandria, right next to Funlab’s other brainchild: Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq.

“Stop talking, what’s the job?” I hear three of you in the back asking. Pipe down.

The role is customer service-oriented but, and I cannot stress this enough, it’s customer service with a twist. Have you ever seen anyone angry at these sorts of joints? Exactly, you’ll essentially just be dealing with jolly guests reliving their glory days (AKA when we could actually do illegal things but couldn’t get charged because we were kids).

The roles differ depending on what area you’re working in, but you’ll just be giving customers a hand while they’re grabbing a drink, or finding their challenge room, or taking a photo in front of all the batshit decor.

So, really, you could add ‘photographer’ to your CV after this. I won’t tell them if you won’t.

Have a proper squiz at the full job outline right here (including the sweet, sweet perks like free games), and start dusting off those cover letters and/or CVs.

If you’ve got that rare affliction that makes you hotel-phobic but you’re still keen on making some dosh, a MEGA Holey Moley is opening right next to Hijinx Hotel and they’re hiring, too. We love options.

Just a little tip from me: remove the ‘hobbies’ section from your CV. It’s embarrassing and ‘socialising with friends’ isn’t a skill.

Aight, I’m outta here. Have fun!