Here’s Why Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett & Cameron Diaz Are All Mentioned In Epstein Files

On Wednesday court documents were released regarding sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, and within the hundreds of pages were various celebrities who were name-dropped during the proceedings, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, and Cameron Diaz. So why were these huge Hollywood names brought up, and what do they have to do with Epstein?

In a historic unsealing of court files, over 943 pages were made available to the public from the court proceedings of the criminal investigation of Ghislaine Maxwell — Epstein’s former partner.

The release of these documents was highly anticipated due to the morbid curiosity of finding out which famous faces may have had potential connections to the infamous Epstein Island.

However in the lead up to their release, the public was warned that just because a name was mentioned in the court documents, it does not mean that individual was complicit in any of Epstein’s crimes.

Some of the names mentioned, such as Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton, had long been suspected of having ties to Epstein — which they deny absolutely — so it was less surprising to see their names pop up.

However the inclusion of names such as Bruce Willis, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Cate Blanchett were less expected, and the cause for much confusion.

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for Turner)

The confusion went so far to the point that Australian TV personality David Koch had to clarify that his name appearing on the list was only due to the fact that he shares a name with a US billionaire.

So let’s take a look at where these Hollywood celebs were brought up in the context of the documents, and understand what it means.

Why are Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Cameron Diaz, and Bruce Willis in the Epstein files?

While a witness was being questioned on their conversations with Ghislaine Maxwell, the names of DiCaprio, Blanchett, Diaz, and Willis were all brought up during the cross examination.

The questioner asked if the witness ever met Blanchett or DiCaprio, which they deny, pointing out that Epstein had a habit for name-dropping while she would massage him.

“So you had not met Cate Blanchett or Leonardo DiCaprio?” Ask the questioner.

“I have not,” respond the witness.

Unsealed Epstein files, P. 274. Source: United States District Court.

They also go on to question if the witness had ever met Cameron Diaz, which the witness denies.

Throughout the 900+ unsealed pages, this is the only instance in which DiCaprio, Diaz, Willis, and Blanchett are mentioned — where the witness denies ever meeting them or that they had presence on Epstein’s island.

As more files get released in the future by the US courts and more high-profile names are added to the list, various things will be reported by everyone from media outlets to your conspiracist uncle on Facebook.

So be careful out there when reading things online, and make sure you’re trusting reputable sources if you aren’t reading a text firsthand.