Healthy Harold Has A New Look For The First Time In 41 Years & Yeah OK, I’m Getting In The Van

Healthy Harold

Healthy Harold, king of education and nostalgia, has completely changed his look, and TBH we are simply digging how good he looks.

Teaming up with OPSM, Healthy Harold can now be found wearing a rather smexy pair of glasses, all in a bid to raise awareness about eye health and myopia.

I got to ask the giraffe himself (seriously, it was amazing) about his brand new style, and also slipped in a question about what he thinks about his strange cop counterpart that exists in WA.

Healthy Harold
He looks positively FRESH.

So Harold, what has inspired the new look?

“How many people do you know that look as good today as they did 20 years ago? You know, I don’t just “talk the talk”… I’ve spent years educating young people about health and safety and following my own advice.

“They don’t call me Healthy Harold for nothin’. But giraffes like me, we set trends, we don’t follow them… and squinting only leads to wrinkles, so I went to OPSM and picked out some frames and now all the cool kids want in.

“Let’s be honest, I’ve got specs appeal… see what I did there?”

My reaction to the term “specs appeal.”

So tell me more about your new partnership with OPSM.

“I’ve partnered with the good-looking legends at OPSM to educate parents and kids about eye health and myopia (aka, blurry long-distance vision for all you non-health-conscious folk). Did you know that one in five Aussie kids currently experience eye problems of some form?

“Plus, with COVID-19 increasing screen time and decreasing time outdoors for many, the likelihood of children developing eye conditions may be increasing.

“So, what’s the solution? We say take the kids to your local OPSM optometrist sooner rather than later based on their eye health needs.”

Honestly, I stan a health-conscious king.

Healthy Harold OPSM

And finally, I simply have to know, what are your thoughts on Constable Care?

“Looks like a great guy to call for a lift home after the party. Seriously, top bloke to help protect and serve, but if you want to feel good, look good and live good… hang out with Harold.”

Do you sense a tiny bit of shade there or is it just me?

Healthy Harold (Life Education) and OPSM’s partnership began on September 28. For further information, visit and