So Uh, It Looks Like This HBO Hack Is Way Bigger Than Anyone Was Letting On

Yikes. The giant HBO hack on Monday that resulted in a ‘Game of Thrones‘ episode being leaked early (as well as a bunch of other scripts) may actually be a whole lot bigger than the company previously let on.

A report in Variety reckons the hacker (or hackers) stole a whopping 1.5 terabytes of data, including “potentially sensitive internal documents, employee data, and a possible access to internal corporate email.”

To put it in perspective, this hack is seven times larger that the 2014 Sony hack that devastated the company and led to the ousting of chief exec Amy Pascal, which was around 200 gigabytes of data.

In a separate report, The Hollywood Reporter quotes insiders who say the hack targeted specific content and data housed in different locations, meaning the attack had multiple points of entry.

No ransom has been demanded so far, which leaves everyone wondering what the hell is motivating the hackers. Given their name – little.finger66 – I can only assume they were making damn sure that Petyr Baelish gets what’s coming to him this season.

THR also reports that HBO has enlisted the help of cybersecurity firm Mandiat and the FBI, while Variety reports that its working with cybersecurity firm IP Echelon, which it’s used before when going after ‘Game of Thrones’ pirates.

Honestly, who knows at this point. HBO isn’t commenting any further on the hack other than its quote yesterday, which assured folks that senior leadership and outside experts were working round the clock to stop it.