‘The Spoils Of War’ Smashed A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Record W/ 10.2M Viewers

Leak? What leak? Despite the fact that the fourth episode in the current Game of Thrones season was leaked ahead of its premier, ‘The Spoils of War‘ still broke records for audience numbers.

A frankly insane 10.2 million people across the United States (where these numbers are coming from) tuned in to watch, topping the previously held record of 10.1 million for the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere.

And that in turn absolutely smashed the 8 million record set during Game of Thrones‘ sixth season. Bloody hell. This show? Some might call it a ‘phenomenon’. Where other TV shows start to die sometime around their fifth season, GoT gathers followers like some kind of… thing.. that rolls along and picks up other things, getting bigger. [Edit: snowball. The word I’m looking for is snowball.]

The latest episode  in question was leaked two days before the episode aired, but surprisingly enough, not as part of that giant, headline-grabbing hack that hit HBO last week.

This was part of another, separate leak, which HBO-partnered distribution company Star India fronted up to.

Honestly though – you want some kind of high def situation to witness the pure fire of Drogon unleashing hell.


Numbers haven’t been released worldwide yet, but we’d be surprised if the episode didn’t smash viewing figures here as well.