New Lawsuit Alleges Harvey Weinstein Sexually Assaulted A 16-Year-Old Girl

A shocking new lawsuit alleges that disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted a teenage girl in his New York apartment in 2002, before subjecting her to years of emotional harassment and abuse and blocking her prospective career as an actor because she rebuffed his advances.

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The civil filing, which suppresses the victim’s identity and refers to her only as Jane Doe, alleges that Weinstein met the teenage aspiring model at an event in New York involving her modelling agency. Just two days after that, Jane Doe alleges that Weinstein invited her to lunch to discuss her career. But instead, brought her to his apartment and “aggressively and threateningly” demanded sex, according to the Associated Press.

Weinstein repeatedly intimated that he would be the only person who could help her burgeoning career, and allegedly made threats that she would not get any work unless she relented to his sexual demands and advances.

The lawsuit contains horrifying descriptions of what Jane Doe alleges happened next.

Terrified and struggling to hold back tears, Jane Doe said she would not and resisted his demands. Jane Doe was a virgin, and had no intention or understanding when she agreed to a business lunch that she would be put in this alarming position.

Following that encounter, Jane Doe alleges Weinstein called and texted her roughly every two weeks, repeating his prior implications that he would ruin her career if she did not acquiesce to his advances.

In the years that followed, Jane Doe alleges several encounters with Weinstein in which he harassed her. This includes one instance where Weinstein showed up at her building unannounced and tried to gain access to her apartment before being denied by security, and one instance where Weinstein allegedly unzipped his pants and began touching his penis after declaring a sexual attraction to Christina Aguilera apropos of nothing.

Jane Doe’s allegations are contained within a broader lawsuit filed against Weinstein, which lists 10 other plaintiffs. All of whom allege severe misconduct against Weinstein ranging from repeated sexual harassment all the way up to outright rape.

Weinstein’s representatives have steadfastly denied all allegations in the lawsuit.